the Trump : No withdrawal from Syria, “the night”

03.13 PM: US President, Donald Trump has once again planned US troop withdrawal from Syria, expressed, at the time of plan he has, however, remained vague. During a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Trump said: “I don’t want to stay for ever in Syria.” However, he had “never said”, “we go out overnight,” said Trump. The deduction would be made “within a certain period of time”. On the situation in Syria, Trump said: “We are talking about enormous wealth. We are talking about Sand and death.”

Following the violent political turmoil of his decision to pull out of Syria Trump had hinted on Monday a cautious backing out, than he after a Meeting with the influential Senator Lindsey Graham rich spoke of the U.S. troops “slow” and fight at the same time the Remains of the jihadists militia IS. Of an immediate withdrawal and a victory over the IS, the Trump just two weeks ago had proclaimed, was not the speech.

trump’s unexpected announcement of a troop withdrawal had triggered a political earthquake. The partners in the international Anti-IS Alliance, the allied groups on the ground in Syria, and even the leadership of the U.S. armed forces reacted shocked. US defence Secretary Jim Mattis said in Protest for his resignation. The Foreign and security experts of Trumps Republican party condemned the decision, almost without exception, and were struggling to contain the damage.

No breakthrough in Meeting Trumps with Democrats to “Shutdown”

Wednesday, 03. January, 02.15 PM: In the dispute over the budget freeze in the USA it came at a Meeting of President Donald Trump with the tips of the oppositional Democrats to make a breakthrough. The incoming democratic Chairman of the US house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, announced on Wednesday afternoon (local time) after the Meeting, the constituent meeting of the chamber this Thursday a draft budget law to submit. The White house had the template, but as a “non-starter” and dismissed because it does not provide the necessary funds for a border security to be provided.

Trump had stressed before the Meeting that he will continue to call for 5.6 billion dollars for the construction of a portion of a wall on the border to Mexico. Democrats reject funding for the construction of a wall. Shortly before Christmas, had entered a “Shutdown” for several Federal ministries in power, because of a lack budget act for these areas. The leader of Trumps Republicans in the house of representatives, Kevin McCarthy, said after the Meeting on Wednesday, Trump had asked for this Friday to have another conversation with top representatives of both parties.

The Democrats propose a budget law that would ensure the financing of almost all of these ministries until the end of September. The Department of homeland security in its area of responsibility falls to the border security – would be only up to 8. February financed. Pelosi pointed out that this is a good month to stay time, the dispute over the wall to dispel.

The leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, called on Trump to accept the bill, instead of the “Shutdown” concerned Americans as “hostages”. Because of the budget hundreds of thousands of government inhibit officials in the forced leave, or you will need to work without salary. The possible duration of the “shutdown” Trump said on Wednesday, before the top meeting with the Democrats, it could take a long time. It could also be possible to reach an agreement.

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