This is a betrayal in many media:. Merkel-Criticism. A new beginning. The “time” spoke of a “dangerous course correction” that would make the core of Merkel’s refugee policy and the underlying principles of the question.

Now you can report as a Journalist and comment on, but just as you can, as we have seen in recent times on several occasions, exaggerate and distort, until the reality takes on a fairy tale. Because, in truth, the AKK into the game brought the “Ultima Ratio”, i.e. in the last instance, applied reason, not treason, but a matter of course.

“No moral duty to self-destruction”

Peter Sloterdijk called for in an Essay early this sense of reality: In Germany, many believed that “a limit is to exceed it.” On the long term, however, his prophecy, by putting the territorial imperative: “There is no moral duty to self-destruction.”

To the Person

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companies to buy in bulk any of its own shares

The “Handelsblatt” has calculated that of the 3,000 largest on the U.S. stock exchanges, listed companies have been buying in the past year, Treasury shares in the value of a trillion US dollars. Alone on the 500 largest companies in the lion’s share of the 720 billion dollars is eliminated. Instead of new products, additional Jobs or modern factories will be invested in the securities, whose over-the-counter supply shortage. It is not the economy, but the share price and – as a nice side effect – also the Bonus of the members of the management Board.

The “Handelsblatt “business analyst Ulf summer, calculates that in just four years, the Apple group reduced the number of its shares in this way, by 20 percent. In 2018, the company bought for 239 billion dollars of its own share certificates. Which corresponds to the 1.25-times the stock market value of Daimler, VW and BMW. The most creative developers, says summer, sitting since the death of Steve Jobs, apparently, no longer in research, but in the Finance Department of Apple.

summer can take the examples of Motorola, Nokia and Blackberry, that the beginning of the end of a company, often with the mass buy-back goes hand in hand own shares. For the listeners of the Morning Briefing Podcast he summarizes his criticism in a pointed manner:

  • share repurchases are tacky and dangerous.
  • Germany is a historically significant Transformation.
  • digitization and electrification will destroy every other workplace, but yet so fundamentally change that many perceive as the destruction of their previous Status and change in their routines.

German car industry as the new industrial Revolution

especially the German car industry, where the spirits of change will encounter on the factory site, the location of this new industrial Revolution. Who has developed the ability to see in the Present, the Future, realizes in the production hall for the diesel engine, already in the Guillotine. A clean air throbbing of the society is to sharpen the blade. The Communist Manifesto, Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx 171 years ago have written, works till today as a screenplay. The instructions for the Director are hard to beat in clarity. Constant revolutionizing of production, the eternal uncertainty and movement distinguish the bourgeois epoch from all others. All fast frozen relations be dissolved, all new-formed to become obsolete before they can ossify. Everything is solid melts into air, all that is Holy is profaned.

The fact that in the midst of the boom, the members of the IG Metall, to almost 2.3 million and the annual contribution income for the largest Western-Union figures have risen to 585 million Euro, shows that The employees of Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen, Opel and Ford are feeling the winds of creative destruction. You contractions in your neck. And they fear that the stagnant, evaporates there, this might be your workplace.

reason enough for the Morning Briefing to talk Podcast with the man who knows the mood among the workers and organized their interests. Jörg Hofmann is the Chairman of the IG Metall, he has the SPD party book and has in the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen AG, seat and voice. In agriculture, he is all grown up, what gives his performance the Earthy. His private car he abandoned in favour of Carsharing.

digitisation and Decarbonisation are operational reality

Hofmann, the man in the uncomfortable industrial truths is: In agriculture, you must always remember: What happens with my fruit in the next year and the year after. There’s no quick optimizations to help you. You can fertilize a field of wonderful high and have a top income. And next year you have nothing on the field. Digitization and Decarbonisation are no longer distant future, but operational reality, and therefore, the uncertainty comes from.

we Want to achieve in Germany, the EU climate objectives for 2030, that is to say, in fact, that we have to allow every other Car as an electric vehicle. At the Moment we are at two percent. Many CEOs were pretty nuts. This applies to the battery cell until today. Of course this has its cause in good yields, and the operating results of recent years, which have not triggered the forced changes.

Tracking App for Saudi women – deprivation of liberty as a business model

The modern technology has two faces. And one looks like a devil. A in the App Store and Google Play-available application called “Absher” is used in all Seriousness to the freedom of Saudi women to restrict. The App informs the man in real time whether the woman moved in the direction of the airport, whether it has exceeded the Saudi borders or administrative acts, such as the issuance of the visa requested. Human rights organizations are sounding the Alarm, but Apple and Google have put the ears on threading: deprivation of liberty as a business model.

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