Germany, looks similar to other EU countries, Libya, as an important strategic Partner, in order to prevent migrants Crossing the Mediterranean to Europe. The country for many refugees from sub-Saharan countries, the last Station before you try to travel across the Mediterranean sea.

The UN report denounces the “unimaginable Horror”, the refugees were exposed to, as soon as you would enter Libyan soil. There is talk of torture, arbitrary stipulations, murder, group rapes, enslavement, and forced labour. Would militias committed this serious crime and human rights violations by state and non-state actors, for example. Also in the prisons under the control of the unity government, serious people were to be held violations of the law. Even children were interned.

Violent militias, and a government that the country is not under control

The report contains a number of statements from refugees, who were detained in prisons without any legal basis. UN staff have visited thus many prisons. As sources in discussions with Libyan Authorities, employees of auxiliary organizations, as well as representatives of foreign consulates are also mentioned.

The UN refugee Agency has for decades been active in Libya, the UN support mission in 2011. It aims to help the Libyan authorities to build administrative and political structures. In view of the years of the second civil war, however, this is difficult. The unity government has not long ago all parts of the country under control, many of the militias have a Say.

the authors of the UN report leads to the conclusion that Libya was not a safe place for refugees. According to their criticism of the EU refugee policy with Libya. The short version of their recommendations for action: The EU should turn its policy in Libya to 180 degrees.

report: the coast guard is not allowed to bring refugees back to Libya

Particularly clear, the UN is critical of the fact that the EU leaves it to increasingly of the Libyan coast guard to prevent migrants from fleeing across the Mediterranean sea, and even from international waters back to Libya, where they are again exposed to the horrors. Actually, such “Pushback is not covered” of international law: From distress rescued refugees must be brought to a safe haven – and from the UNHCR point of view, Libya is not a safe Harbor.

the report says that EU countries should take “distance”, the responsibility for Search and rescue to pass actions in international waters off Libya, the Libyan coast guard. Instead, the EU should provide itself with suitable ships for such operations. It must also be ensured that this rescue ships is expected to start in the nearest safe port in Europe.

Italy supports the coast guard in order not refugees to Italy

The Italian government is doing exactly the opposite. With your policy, you has ensured that private distress will no longer be able to patrol rescuers in the international waters off Libya. At the same time, the Italian government supported the controversial Libyan coast guard with money and equipment. The agreement between Italy and the Libyan unity government contains no evidence that the Libyan side is obliged, in return, in dealing with the refugees at least minimum standards are adhered to, as it says in the UN report.

The authors urge the EU cooperation with the Libyan coast guard should in no way lead to that coast, rescued guard or apprehended migrants back to Libya. You have to make the representatives of the coast guard’s clear that it’s their obligation to save life, and to them “excessive use of force” against the bailed-out prohibited. The authors write, in the year 2017 a total 15.810 migrants and refugees had been back to Libya after they had been rescued by the coast guard or picked up.

The EU should not be any cooperation with the Libyan Authorities ensure that the cooperation is in breach of international law. Explicit agreements to combat illegal Migration. The EU needs to ensure that independent checks on the human rights situation on the ground in Libya. The only way to ensure that cooperation or aid to Libya “to contribute directly or indirectly to violations of human rights or favour”. The EU countries should also press that Libya developed a specific Plan to the existing prison System for refugees to be abolished.


The recent UN report on the situation in Libya, the EU refugee policy, with the country in question. EU countries will have to implement as soon as the claims from the report, however, must be considered as unlikely: for internal political reasons, the majority of EU countries do not want to be quite obvious that more African refugees coming across the Mediterranean sea. Because that would be the result, would be saved in more refugees and brought to Europe.

FOCUS Online/Wochit “act of shame”: a German refugee Savior send appeal to Merkel-government in Libya, the UNHCR in prison


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