A number he could call, but there were a lot of crosses. The time of the crime was likely to be between Friday night and Saturday morning.

According to the “Free press” is supposed to be hundreds of graffiti, the “image”newspaper reported, even from 1049 swastikas.

It is the second Time that the swastikas were sprayed on the premises of the sports club. A few months ago, Unknown hundreds of such signs were attached. In November, there were 323, in June of 2016, more than 100, according to the “image”.

SPD-councillor Jörg Vieweg says to “image”, “all red lines” were crossed. He calls on the police to “to get serious” and “best tire”. The Association is now planning a video surveillance.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit London Bay for 120 million euros of additional ferries jr/dpa


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