according to reports, the suspects were under the influence of alcohol, on Saturday night in the city in the upper Palatinate on the people would beat. In the midst of the terrible incident, a seller of a sandwich chain for the heroine, it was reported how the “mittelbayerische Zeitung”. As several people fled the Amberg train station, in a panic, before the attackers in the Store, did you react at the speed of thought, and immediately the door locked, the attacker is shut out. “The people told me that you were attacked,” said the 19-Year-old told the newspaper, “everyone was scared”. Finally, you should have waited until the police arrived.

The Manager of the restaurant is just outside with others when Smoking, as the Beating begins. The four attackers approached and insulted a girl from the group as “ugly” as the 19-Year-old, the newspaper reported. When he intervened, and the attacker was asked to leave the girl alone, he will get a headbutt. A friend had been punched in the face. “Such people do not deserve it, that you are here,” the angry 19-Year-old to the “middle Bavarian newspaper”.

“You feel like a Stranger in your own town”

The violence, excess people are engaged in Amberg. A resident reported the newspaper, you feel confident: “You feel Old you like a Stranger in your own town,” says the 74 -. Another no longer sees the trigger for the violence, especially in alcohol: “Once a drunk is, the reactions are predictable.” It was completely no matter, whether someone is German or not.

your spanking tour had started, the four young men aged 17 to 19 years of age on Saturday evening in the station area: they should have beaten an incoming travellers several times in the face. A few minutes later, they beat on the station forecourt on two other passers-by, and were then able to flee first. Shortly thereafter, the men should have violated a total of nine people.

In the PCP control in Hessen: 18-Year-old flees from the police and the mother goes to the Parking lot dead cvh/dpa


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