the Who could lead you to think that in the Grand coalition to friction, will be taught by Andrea Nahles Better: The positioning of coalition partners to be legitimate, said the SPD Chairman, on Tuesday in the Reichstag. “So we have it the other way around, our core topic of social state.” And further: “the government has to do in the first step, nothing. Unless it would come up as a legislative proposal or initiative on the table, of which nothing is known to me.“

not Attributed to the SPD, that “great throw” is implemented?

Again: The coalition partner’s planning something, what you did not like the SPD. The SPD is not, however, because it assumes that the Union will implement their plans. And that the party boss founded, of all things, with the reference to your own – from your point of view, “the great leap”: the welfare state concept, with which the SPD wants to show their voters that they have understood and will change. With government work, have nothing to do, says Nahles and not revealed, that you really believe in a realization of their own plans.

So that you do not lack only demonstrated their own power, but also gives the impression that you had completely no matter. And, after the leading social Democrats have missed no opportunity to emphasize the word rich, how much you care about those people, which will help your new concept, at heart. But how, exactly, a concept that is not implemented is to help these people?

slap in the face for those who are looking to the announcements of improvements

The appearance before the group meeting in the Reichstag a slap in the face for those who hope the SPD proposals for an improvement of their Situation, and perhaps would be willing, the party will give back your voice. In current polls, a slight upward trend for the battered party. With their statements, however, Nahles creates the impression that the party on the voters: priority 1 is to increase the Approval ratings of the SPD, whether the concept is then implemented, is secondary – that’s the sound.

downfield for the Opposition

Who offers the Opposition a steep template, it does not need to be surprised that FDP-Chef Christian Lindner struck directly: “as a result, one gets the impression that it is not more to concrete government action, but only to the reprocessing of trauma, and the respective start position for a next election campaign,” said Lindner, with a view to the SPD and the Union. Lindner and tells her, the coalition parties switched already to a resolution of the Grand coalition to come “as soon as possible its own profile in front of the voters”.

What the SPD needs after all the wrangling around the last election to the Bundestag urgently, is credibility. Exactly the sets Nahles with such Statements. Maybe you didn’t mean it like that, like some object. However, as a former Minister and current party Chairman, you should be professional enough that you’re not slipping out of it. Otherwise, it is the Right thing to do, to lead the SPD from its most serious crisis since the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Marietta Slomka Nahles takes in the defect and provides a common Schröder-question


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