It is possible that the Container or released hazardous substances into the country, it said in the about the mobile Warning and information system Katwarn common message. The Cuxhaven Central command for Maritime emergencies were declared after consultation with the crew of the freighter that at least one of the Container of dangerous goods containing it – namely, Dibenzoyl peroxide, used in the production of plastics.

search the containers should be continued after sunrise

The ship had lost a Container on Tuesday on the way from Antwerp, Belgium to Bremerhaven in stormy seas. Six containers were sighted in German waters. Together with the shipping company, the rescue squad wanted to develop a salvage plan. The affected area should be secured. On the beaches of the Islands of Vlieland, Terschelling and Ameland were rinsed according to the Dutch coast guard more than 20 containers.

The container ship to put, according to Central command for Maritime emergencies in the night on Thursday in Bremerhaven. The journey to the port was, therefore, without any incidents. The search of the containers should be continued after sunrise.

The freighter is about 394 feet in length is one of the largest container ships in the world. He can be more than 19 download 000 standard containers.

In the Bit Projects the New System will help police in chases ak/dpa


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