Susanne Böhm, wife of the singer Werner Böhm (“Polonaise Blankenese”), sees his alcohol consumption is the reason for the Failure of their relationship. “My husband is always drunk and leaves me and our son completely in the lurch. That’s not a nice life,” she said in an Interview with the magazine “Bunte”. You and the child have since moved out of home. “I’m at a neutral place, where I hope to come to rest. My cell phone number I have blocked for Werner. I don’t want to be harassed, want to find me.“

The 49-Year-old and 77-year-old husband previously lived together with their son Jerome in Hamburg. They had married in 1995. For Werner Böhm, it is the third marriage.

in the Meantime, you feel “pity”

in the Meantime, Susanne Böhm can understand their predecessors. “Yes. I am the third wife who is leaving addiction Werner because of his alcohol.“ For you to her son standing in the first place. “I want it to go well with him. That is why I left Werner. It is not a condition that a child notices when their own father is often drunk.“ “However,” reject this a deprivation of “rigorously”. “The first step is the realization that he is an alcoholic would be. However, in his eyes, he is not.“ In the meantime, you feel “sympathy” with him. “Love you can’t call it unfortunately. There’s too much.“

“Colorful,” says Susanne Böhm also about the allegations that their power Still-husband. “He said I just disappeared. He knew for months that I wish to take a break.“ Unfortunately, he is now too old to change. It does not make sense to return to him. “He would take a maximum of three days, then everything would be back to the Old.” A war of the roses you wish to do. You hope that he will consent to a Mediation, and “we get a peaceful separation”. She wanted to stroke “just a clean break”. “Didn’t Werner insulted me publicly, I would never talk publicly about our marriage.”


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