According to the substantive delineation of the last days, the leaders of the black and wanted to try the red government to advise on its work programme for the next few weeks.

All sides had initially agreed to remain silent about the progress of the talks. The new CSU leader Markus Söder was launched on Wednesday with a sharp attack on the SPD and its welfare-reform plans in its first meeting of the coalition tips.

party Chairman of the government parties wanted to increase to Make non-public

“to Express the social spending and at the same time taxes increase? This is a toxic combination,” said the Bavarian Prime Minister before the coalition summit meeting in Berlin, the “mirror”. The SPD’s push for a pension without examination of the means he rejected strictly. Söder is taking part for the first time after his election to the CSU-Chairman at a meeting of the coalition Committee.

The tips of the CDU and the CSU came together at 16.00 clock with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) to a preliminary meeting in the Chancellery. It was expected that the Meeting could continue until around midnight. Different than it was initially, wanted to become the party Chairman of the CDU, CSU and SPD – Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Söder and Andrea Nahles, after the end of the meeting, not a public statement.

In the first half of the year, there should be draft law on the basic pension

Söder said the “mirror” to the basic pension proposal of the SPD, this could not be implemented “so”. He was neither financially viable nor economically sensible. “The Grand coalition will make a fair basic pension, because it is agreed by the CDU, CSU and SPD. And this is even before the summer break.” The SPD do with the Hartz-IV-reprocessing of a “backward roll”: “The mag the benefit of the members of the party psychologically, but Germany is not to be used in the SPD.”

A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of labour, confirmed in Berlin, in the first half of the year, there will be a draft for a law on the basic pension. This then go in the usual coordination of the Federal ministries.

to the left party leader called on Nahles, to put concrete projects of their concept on the table

the Union and the SPD had tried in the past few days, each with their own initiatives separate from each other. Both sides wanted to distinguish themselves as figures in view of the still feeble Survey. A stir had taken care of that the CDU wants to be different than the SPD take a harder line on refugee policy. Previously, the SPD had gone with socio-political advances to Overcoming of Hartz IV in its present Form on Anti-Union course. At the same time, leading politicians from both sides had stressed that they wanted to still work in the coalition.

FDP-Chef Christian Lindner told the “Saarbrücker Zeitung”: “I’m afraid standstill, expensive compromises at the expense of the taxpayer, or the duration of the dispute.” The SPD accused Lindner of “Retro-politics”. Left party boss Bernd Riexinger, called on Nahles to lay at the Meeting, concrete projects of the social state concept on the table, if she wanted to win back credibility.

An Overview of the possible themes in the coalition Committee:


With the basic pension to pay tribute to the Union and SPD according to the coalition agreement. The joint plans was that, it is checked whether Beneficiaries are in need of the basic pension really. Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD) wants to do without it now. “The pension is not means-tested, so my Plan is this,” he said of the editors ‘ network, Germany (Wednesday). Salvation, according to three to four million people would benefit from his approach – of which three-quarters are women.

social plans

Less sanctions for Hartz IV recipients when violations, a longer withdrawal of unemployment benefit for Older and more specific qualification to the SPD in the future. The Union already made it clear that she wants to do not have the current government act. The proposals for qualification, you can talk “one more time”, said CDU leader, Kramp-Karrenbauer. The CDU’s budget expert, Eckhardt Rehberg called on Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) the “Rheinische Post” (Wednesday), a financing concept for the SPD plans to submit.

From the SPD’s proposals for a higher top tax rate, to the re-introduction of the assets come tax to Finance their social welfare state plans. The Union wants tax cuts – to bring the economy back up to speed. It aims to abolish the solidarity surcharge. The upcoming Reform of the basic tax is also explosive. After an in-principle agreement of the Minister of Finance, a model aimed at the land values will be used, the age of the buildings and average rental costs.


The diesel scandal has also kept the coalition in breathing. Now it’s time to go to the future of the car: such as electric mobility or platform-based, digital mobility concepts.


the results of The coal Commission for a phase-out of coal-fired generation by 2038 will be pooled to see what laws are necessary.

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