The bees are saved so good as, at least in Bavaria. And the Green goes it is as good as never, claimed night-Talker, Markus Lanz, and especially thanks to the new management Duo of Robert Habeck and Anna Lena Baerbock. Driving a VW Diesel, like Lanz requested immediately rock hard. FOCUS Online

“Sandman” Robert Habeck

In this revelation, however, it remains then. Because even though Lanz had announced that it would now be politically, exactly the opposite is the case. Baerbock to talk about the absent Habeck and his Twitter. Then a journalist Wolfram Weimer may talk about the present Baerbock. And the fact that he is male Habeck and Baerbock as “sand” and “Schnatterinchen” referred to by the Greens. Would be Baerbock got up now and went – you would be able to understand it.

Desperate Baerbock is trying to come from any subject always to the policy. Lanz insists, however, all sorts of Trivia to tick: Is jumped, the little Anna Lena actually used to be a trampoline? And she grew up on a farm? And it annoys you, if Habeck will be asked for a candidacy-and you don’t? At “Markus Lanz” is just Markus Lanz in the right direction. In the evening, but he started as a Ghost driver.

Always the head above the water

Again, what “Markus Lanz” is sick again: Markus Lanz. And the fact that Lanz is a very good small talker, but not Swimming in shallow waters, but also a bit in the depth of diving will. Although with him already, the air is scarce, as he only with the head under the water.

this evening before visiting Weimer the host Lanz. The publicist is the one actually on Baerbock: speed limit on German autobahns? Taxation of train Tickets? Almost a discussion going on, as Lanz turns on and attacked Baerbock with a double subjunctive: “How much would it have annoyed you, if I had asked you how you reconcile Job and small children?” He insists, to Baerbock is permanently annoyed and says, well it would to you personally.

A girl question for Baerbock

The Lanz, to give finally the nakedness – he leans confidentially over to Anna Lena Baerbock, and asks: “What did you dream about as a young girl?” As Baerbock refuses to answer it seriously, Lanz finally: All the best for the future, I’m sure you’ll do fine.

the biologists Klemens Pütz about cute penguins talk, Light chit-chat plus a cute one-player, because you can’t go wrong. Then Michael Scott Moore is in it, a German-American Journalist who was 977 days a hostage of Somali pirates. Here, too, Lanz in his Element, since he has to explore the right not to be Shy, the emotional wounds of others. A gift of political Talk hosts often do not have.

let the cobbler stick to your advises, the German people’s mouth. Lanz you want to rates in line with this, but to stick to what he can: to float in the warm waters. The Sandman to be for Germany in the night is not the worst fate for a Late-Night Talker. And much better than the “Schnatterinchen” among the political to be Talkers.

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