If daily handles how the On – and-Off of the jumpers or the blow-drying their hair become a Problem, it’s not uncommon for a calcium deposits in the shoulder. Calcium deposits in shoulder tendons can lead in these cases, a strong limitation of motion, and thus also of the working and sporting ability.

Not just overhead movements calcium deposits in the shoulder-the patient should cause increasing difficulties. Also called the apron handle so movements to the rear, so as you would tie an apron – are hardly possible. Some patients can no longer move the Arm at all. Add to this the often severe pain that persist even during the night. It is often for the patient’s unbearable to lie on the affected shoulder.

How do I recognize a calcium deposits in the shoulder?

The Problem: Often the disease is detected late, since it has mostly no symptoms. It is only when the deposits are larger and of pain, will be consulted by the specialist. Dialogue with the patient, and a reduced range of motion of the shoulder suggest a possible calcification, sonography (ultrasound) and x-ray images eventually bring clarity. These calcium deposits in the shoulder to show tendon very clearly. The possibility of a tendon rupture is an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) tendon a clear picture of the Situation at the Shoulder.

the course of The disease in the untreated calcium deposits in the shoulder is lengthy and can drag on for years. In some cases, the Calcareous Deposit in the shoulder dissolves tendon while spontaneously – but only after a few years. Due to the strong limitations is the least Affected Option.

in Most cases, the calcium deposits in the shoulder occurs for the first time at the age of 35 to 50 years. Women are much more likely to be affected than men. To the risk group of athletes with high loads on the shoulder (Tennis, Badminton) as well as hard workers. In addition, among other things, also falls, nicotine, or blood circulation disorders, as well as the General aging process can contribute to a calcium deposits in the shoulder. This is basically a result of an inadequate functioning of the metabolism in the shoulder tendon.

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How to metabolic deficits can be compensated?

Regardless of the many possible causes that lead to a metabolic deficit, the result is always the same: namely, an atrophy of the tissue of the Tendons. Therefore, a holistic activation of the metabolism in the therapy of calcium deposits in the shoulder is important. This means that The shoulder must not only be capable of the calcium Deposit to break down. Required a sustained activation of the metabolism is also, to a formation of lime deposits can be counteracted.

the cell biological regulation therapy (short: matrix therapy). With this combination of vibration and heat therapies as well as bathing Hera peutic applications (base winding) of the calcium deposits in the shoulder, but also many other chronic pain conditions and disorders of the organs of movement are effective treatment.

Recommended is a before – or regardless of – in case of considerable ailments, a shock wave therapy. This is by far the most successful non-surgical procedures in the case of a calcium deposits in the shoulder. As in the treatment of kidney stones high-energy focused sound waves can dissolve the calcification. The lime can be removed from the surrounding tissue and excreted. One to three applications are usually sufficient, so that the calcium Deposit within a few weeks. About the experts

Sven Ostermeier Orthopaedics and accident surgery, sports medicine, chirotherapy and special orthopedic surgery. The shoulder and knee expert, works as a senior orthopaedic surgeon of the joint-clinic Gundelfingen. He is also the instructor of the German Association for arthroscopy.

when is a SURGERY required?

Bring the conservative treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs and / or the shock wave therapy did not give the desired result, the Shoulder arthroscopy is often used. It carries the usual risks of SURGERY, but also provides you with well over 90 percent, a high rate of success, even in the case of very large limestone deposits. In this key-hole surgery, only two small incisions are set up to 1.5 cm. Two nights after the surgery, the Patient can leave the clinic in General. Then the shoulder is put for about three weeks of quiet.

A useful side-effect: In Shoulder arthroscopy, where appropriate, further medical treatment may be used to determine the needs (for example, Tendon rupture or Tight under the shoulder roof). Also in the case of accompanying inflammation of the shoulder or of the bursae (Bursitis) is a Shoulder arthroscopy is advantageous, since the inflamed or scarred tissue can be removed. PDF So, you strengthen your joints

osteoarthritis to toe-OP, you learn in this PDF guide all about strong joints. Plus: The best implants and the latest treatments for rheumatoid arthritis, and Hallux valgus and osteoarthritis.

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How to do it after the treatment?

For most patients, the calcium deposits in the shoulder is a one-off event without consequences. Only in very stubborn and hardened lime deposits and the danger of permanent weakening of the tendon. Here is the shoulder specialist has to assess the risk of a Tendon rupture, and the progression of the disease to monitor. For this reason, early treatment of the calcium deposits in the shoulder is desirable.

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