Ringing the landlord unannounced and unexpectedly at the front door, the tenants often have the question of whether he has to let him in the apartment. The answer is: It depends. The landlords are set during the inspection of the rental property, boundaries, but he has also, under certain conditions, a right of Inspection.

the Exact number for viewing appointments, there are not

There is neither an exact number for appointments is still a General right of Inspection of the landlord. Even if it is regulated in a corresponding clause in the lease, it is ineffective.

as a General rule: The lessor must announce ahead of time when the tenant and at the same time a concrete reason for the visit. The notice time must be in the case of employed tenants between three and four days.

A viewing appointment may also be only agreed to the usual times. The landlord announces, for example, on a holiday or weekend, it is allowed to take place, the tour only in exceptional cases. The tenant is proposing, however, is the weekend for sightseeing, not to the landlords on a tour during the week. The Person

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Specific reasons for housing inspection must be

the landlord Would like to visit the apartment, he shall not obtain access by force. The landlord gives still access to the apartment, there is a case of trespassing, and he concedes in accordance with section 123 of the criminal code (criminal code) trespassing.

For a visit always factual, specific reasons are required:

  • The tenant must tolerate visits on the part of his landlord, if this would show a potential new tenant or a prospective buyer of the apartment. However, such a visit may be made without notice.
  • Plans of the landlord for modernisation or maintenance measures, and must enter the rented apartment, he is also a right of Inspection. The tenant tells you the landlord of a defect to the leased property, the tenant and the landlord into the apartment to inspect the defect.
  • Uses of tenant housing in violation of the contract, i.e., he keeps illegally a fighting dog, the landlord in case of reasonable suspicion in this case, a right of Inspection.

Unpleasant odors right of Inspection

A visit to the right of the lessor is justified if unpleasant odors from the house to penetrate to the hallway, and at the same time, other residents harass. justify Causes of the stench there are a lot of: mold-infestation, littering the apartment, putrefaction, or even decay. The landlord has the right to enter the apartment and to visit, in order to prevent damage to the leased property or curb. In addition, he can make a picture of it, whether for modernisation or maintenance measures are necessary.

the tenant Is not reachable, in an emergency, however – such as a water pipe break, is allowed to enter the landlords of the housing or, where appropriate, open. In such a case, in advance, no appointment with the tenant must have agreed, for the avoidance of greater harm has the priority here.

denial of visit termination

Would like to make to the landlord, for example, due to the planned modernization measures, a picture of the condition of the rented apartment, he has a fundamental right of Inspection. The planned visit has to be reported to the landlord and his tenant in advance – usually a period of a few days to a week is reasonable. The tenant should be offered some suggestions for a visit. In return, the lessee, the proposal may also self-submit.

Is found, a meeting between both parties, it must grant the tenant the landlord access to the apartment. He, however, ignores this prompt several times, this behavior serious consequences – the tenant is risking possibly even a termination of his tenancy. The landlord must be available for this purpose, however, a more important reason, for example, if the housing contract is contrary to the use or specific risks to the rented apartment.

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