For almost 30 years, the followers of Liverpool FC are eagerly waiting for a championship title in the Premier League. In some seasons, the team had nothing to do with the title race, sometimes they lost the championship shortly before the end of the season.

the fact is, Liverpool have not won the title in the meanwhile, probably the best League since 1990, this is for this club an eternity. The longing is enormous.

Klopp infuses the whole city feel good a

The long Suffering, however, could soon belong to the past. Jürgen Klopp has constructed a team, as well as, it seems, is now all possible. Much more significant than the strong defender and the fast striker of Liverpool, the feeling that inspires Klopp is the Fans here in the city. About the experts

Graham Agg, Born in 1966, is a native of Liverpool. At the age of five, he is a Fan of Liverpool FC, with 23 he bought his first season ticket. Since then, he has one every year for the infamous Anfield. As he works between 1985 and 1996 in Germany. In 2005, he joined the German Reds Official Supporters ‘ Club, today, they count more than 300 members. Since 2011, Agg has its own column in the daily newspaper “Liverpool Echo”. Also an expert at “BBC Radio Merseyside regularly”.

I can only stress again and again. It’s insanely impressive, what is going on in this city. The Pride with which the Liverpool Fans currently through the streets, literally feel. The identification with the club and the city is as big as never before, I’m sure of it.

Klopp’s enemies, to worship him, to touch

What is Klopp, and he manages to do just. Education has always been one of his specialities. Football emotionally, people get carried away, a symbiosis between the club, city and Fans to connect, this is the great strength of this man. The comes very well here.

in the Meantime, it is here in England, really so, that even the Fans of the competition, Klopp worship, because you can just feel that he is one of them. He is a man of the people, he speaks their language.

Klopp lives to football, just like you. And that is exactly why they adore him in England, in Manchester and London as well as in Liverpool.

Liverpool is bubbling with euphoria

Jürgen Klopp is the best Ambassador sent to Germany ever abroad. Thanks to him unmatched, and the atmosphere in Liverpool. The city is bubbling with euphoria, and has developed beyond the boundaries of football is also a huge self-confidence.

Regardless of whether or not he manages in the end to be with Liverpool is really a master, a: Jürgen Klopp has made in England a great name. The can take that away from him.

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