In Brazil, the blowing after the inauguration of the new President of Jair Bolsonaro, a new Wind. Already a few hours after his oath of office on new year’s day, the right-wing populist has begun, the largest country in Latin America turn around. He transferred the responsibility for the protection of indigenous and Afro-Brazilian communities, the Ministry of agriculture of areas.

New Head of the Department of Tereza Cristina, who had previously led the agriculture group in the Parliament. The agricultural lobbyist, is likely to have little interest in the protection of the environment. How your boss Bolsonaro puts you on an intensive economic use.

Already in the election campaign, Bolsonaro was announced, no further protected areas. Indigenous are in the areas of their protection, such as “animals in the Zoo,” said the Ex-military. Agricultural entrepreneurs had complained again and again, is the responsible office for indigenous Affairs (Funai) have too much Power. Valter Campa NATO/Agencia Brazil/ Bolsonaro with the new agriculture Minister Tereza Cristina

danger for climate protection

“About 15 percent of the national territory as protected areas for Indigenous and Afro-Brazilians accounted for. Less than a Million people live in these really isolated places, exploited and manipulated by non-governmental organizations,“ wrote Bolsonaro on Wednesday on Twitter.

The change in direction is also likely to bring the international climate protection is in danger, because the indigenous communities of Brazil, understood traditionally as the “Keeper of the forest” and resistance to the large-scale deforestation. In addition, Bolsonaro toying with an exit from the Paris climate protection agreement. An important role of Brazil in the fight against climate change, because the Amazon basin as a CO2 storage of global importance. Isaac Risco Rodriguez/dpa Deforested areas of the forest are to be seen on the edge of the Juruena national Park in the Amazon rain forest (file photo)

“The captain”

in other areas, is the fifth largest country in the world in front of a strong shift to the right. “Today is the day that the people begin to break free from socialism, from the state of gigantism and the politically Correct,” said Bolsonaro at his inauguration. “We now have a unique opportunity for our country to re-build”.

Bolsonaros supporters celebrated the inauguration of their hero on the streets and squares. “Myth, myth”, they shouted, and: “The captain has come.”

in the face of his failures against Black, Indigenous, and homosexual, and his fascination for the military dictatorship’ll see in the previous paratrooper a danger to the young democracy of Brazil. “The new President came in with a discourse on the Power that is openly against human rights and against the historically unprotected groups of the population,” wrote the America’s Director of Amnesty International, Erika Guevara-Rosas, on Twitter.

ball, livestock and the Bible

the praise came from Bolsonaros model Donald Trump. “Congratulations to President Jair Bolsonaro, has just held a great speech at the inauguration of the USA are with you!”, the US President wrote on Twitter. Bolsonaro returned the favor immediately: “Dear President Trump, I appreciate your encouraging words, really. Together and under God’s protection, we will bring our people prosperity and progress.“

described The ideology of the new heads of state as “Bala, Boi e a Bíblia” (ball, cattle, and Bible). Evangelical Christians, nationalist military, shirt-sleeved, agricultural entrepreneurs and the neo-liberal economic elite supported his election campaign. Which of these groups have very different interests – while Bolsonaros term of office will set the tone, is still unclear.

“He takes on Brazil in difficult times,” says Peter Hakim, from the research Institute Inter-American Dialogue. “He needs to form coalitions, since his party has only about ten percent of the seats in Parliament. The not, to succeed him, he will have problems to implement its policies.”

the National Pact. Brazil forward

In his speech, Bolsonaro announced a “national Pact” for Brazil to advance In the next four years, he wants to fight the widespread corruption, crime, reduce, gun-rights, and liberalize and boost the economy. To be part of his Cabinet the prominent corruption investigators Sergio Moro, and the ultra-liberal economist Paulo Guedes. Among his Ministers, seven Ex-military.

“corruption, privileges and benefits. We will keep track of day and night, our goal is to create prosperity and security for our citizens,“ said Bolsonaro. His new Minister of justice Sérgio Moro, announced a tough stance against corruption. In addition to the prosecution of offenders, the reduction of opportunities for corruption to be one of you.


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