The CDU sorted under its Chairman, Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer. In the Workshop on “Migration, security and Integration” were Sunday and Monday set new signals in the refugee policy. Alexander Mitsch, the Chairman of the Union of values, of a free Association of conservative and economic liberal, Union members, criticized the refugee policy of his party for a long time. He is now satisfied with the course of the CDU and its Chairperson? FOCUS Online asked.

FOCUS Online Many of your party have spoken very highly of the workshop discussion on migration policy. You have complained via Twitter, the “session management” would not have some approved taboo topics. What should it have been?

Alexander Mitsch: I must say in advance that I have a differentiated picture of the event. I found it very good, that it has taken place. And there were some very good results …

FOCUS Online : … but?

Mitch: But, to me, is that in a working group, it was tried to keep the topics of the value of Union under the ceiling.

FOCUS Online : the participants of the talks have said. The value of the Union was not directly represented, and your group is not an official CDU Association. How do you imagine so: you Were undercover?

Mitch: , In coordination with Mrs. Kramp-Karrenbauer has sent the value of Union experts who have participated for us. The police officers Manuel Ostermann, for example, is a member with us.

“No additional immigration cold”

FOCUS Online Which topics have been after your information is not picked up?

Mitch: I’ve heard from a working group that was trying to keep the topics under the ceiling. That was the theme of “Political Islam and its implications on migration policy”. And the skilled workers immigration law was not treated.

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FOCUS Online : Only today, Bertelsmann has published study, of the needs, according to Germany by 2060, each year 260,000 immigrants. What would want to say to your people for the skilled workers immigration?

Mitch: The law is called “skilled workers immigration law”. It can’t be that, because the cold way additional immigration outside of the concrete needs to take place. It can come after the current draft law, people who have no job ….

FOCUS Online : people with a completed vocational education and training to get six months time to find a Job here.

Mitch: It comes to people who have no work in view. It should actually be enough that we look on the German and European labour market. This market is already huge. Additional immigration of people from distant countries have used neither acute nor the qualification, we need not really. For me, this is capped uncontrolled immigration. This point will be the litmus test for me is how seriously the Union takes the limit of immigration.

Glad that the proposals have been adopted

FOCUS Online : you do not Fear that you will lose credibility if you are never satisfied?

Mitch: no, we have said from the beginning, what we want. We are glad that the points that are important to us, be now taken up. We do not see in the Other only the negative points, but are also happy when our ideas are taken.

FOCUS Online : the proposals from the working groups a lot of, raised by the conservative wing of the Union, no longer have borders: asylum procedures at the EU’s external to refugees is only one instance in the procedures, better access to various data sources, mandatory expulsion in the case of convictions from 90 days rates, for example.

Mitch: Absolutely. I’m even surprised how strong our suggestions are incorporated and implemented. Here has been established, obviously, in the Union, a different way of Thinking. We have helped to shape this change actively.

The government target is Black-and-Yellow

FOCUS Online : Mr Mitch, you announce on Twitter that you wanted to help, the suggestions to the SPD to enforce. With all due respect, how do you do that, when leading Union politicians, could it? Do not overestimate?

Mitch: Well, also the public discussion plays a role in the formation of opinion. We are always very firm about that when it comes to representing our line to the public. Argumentative and communicative, you must have the Union positions. Through our contacts in the CDU/CSU group in the Bundestag, we could help.

FOCUS Online : The coalition partners, you could implement your policy, but it would have to be born yet, or?

Mitch: , We have advertised before the election, very strong, Black-and-Yellow. It wasn’t enough, because the AfD has become because of the failures of the old government so strong.

FOCUS Online Currently it would not be enough nearly for a black-yellow Alliance.

Mitch: You have to have goals.

“were Some of the topics earlier lèse-majesté”

FOCUS Online : you will See with the new party Chairman, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, a rate of change of the CDU? It exacerbated the refugee course, you want to lower the corporate taxes, the solos for all completely eliminate, the double pass in the current Form, revisit …

Mitch: Yes, there is a change of heart. We are pleasantly surprised that Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer accents. The Union is not obviously ruled from the Chancellery. The party has made free from the Chancellery, represents the re-profiled Christian-democratic positions. That is what we like. Taboo topics, the discussion used to be considered as lèse-majesté, are now being openly discussed. Kramp-Karrenbauer also stands for a different style of politics with more open dialogue. The listening Tour there was a beginning. The Workshop is the continuation.

FOCUS Online : Fear, therefore, that the value of the Union will soon be redundant?

Mitch: If we are soon to be superfluous, because our issues are implemented, would make us happy. Then many of us could devote to other topics.

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