to the beginning of the Show presenter Oliver Geissen show that it is suitable for use in the Comedy trade. Also he wants to be funny this evening. This can be seen in the presentation of the jury members and sponsors of the Comedy talents. “The phrase ‘Show me your Boobs’ gets a whole new meaning,” he introduces, for example, dog trainer Martin Rütter.

Rütter is a somewhat surprising line-up for the jury Bank. But he can also, apparently, with people, anyway, he commends you on this evening much. How else are his four-legged friends or your docile, Mr. Chen and Mrs. Chen.

A classic choice for the Jury, Comedian Ilka Bessin (formerly known as “Cindy aus Marzahn”), which is in the short term for the diseased Mirja Boes stepped in, and Comedian Chris Tall are sure. Has received a 2013 by the way, the “Comedy Grand Prix”.

RTL is one of the nine promising talents of the three members of the jury godfather on the Hand, it has a funny Challenge there and once again your program to the stage to present. Then the hall audience, who the giant decides, somewhat high-pitched Cup is allowed to carry it home. The winner of a Comedy Workshop in New York, as well as further appearances in RTL Shows waving.

The Challenges in the the three godfathers send their three wards initially, it is partially in. In the video clips there are tedious Stand-up Comedy on the station forecourt (Tobi Freudenthal), and excited pairs of a dopey wedding planner will be tormented (Aida Loos). There passers-by have to be with the rickshaw through Cologne and amused chauffeured (Thorsten Bär) or to rotate about any of that stuff at exorbitant prices (unsuccessful but funny: Tino Bomelino).

Lewd is not well received by the audience

On stage, the young Comedians all then by the Bank, a sovereign idea of their skill: Tino Bomelino is compared by the Jury with the likes of Helge Schneider and Heinz Erhardt, the judges stress several times that he makes quite his own thing. Juror Chris Tall was concern that the Turkish Osan Yaran comes to heavy-handed “Ethno-Comedy”, but the jokes about prejudices and typical German, he found, in the end, however, as smart as funny. FOCUS Online

The three female candidates on the Comedy awards dig deep into the frivolous subject. Vicky Blue is classed as a Porn actress and moans texts with many “Ahs” and “Ohs”. Helene Bock Horst simulated oral sex with a beer bottle and Aida Loos confesses that she finds testicular ugly and quips that they feel like Mozzarella in a pack. Jokes of this kind, only the spark is not jumping over the audience is the Jury, since in the connection. Ilka Bessin seems that you are looking for the Mozzarella-comparison from now on with every purchase, in thought of home. But there are, as with all candidates, including many words of praise. And, at least from a lot of “courage“ is always the speech.

After the appearance of the winner, the tears

“Timing” and “Gagdichte” it’s a lot, and the question of whether the audience was swept away. flow in the case of Ilka Bessin This has, apparently, managed to Thorsten Baer’s best, because after his appearance, there is not only a Standing ovation, but also “encore”Calls. The mixture of witty observations of Daily life, stereotypes, Puns on the subject of men, football & Booze and the insights into the family history to come up just fine. He describes, for example, the common hand works with his father that allows him really only as a lowly assistant. He thought for a long “Hold ma'” would be his second Name. Of his brother, “go Get ma'” and the mother “Go ma'”. Screenshot of RTL Can of dog trainer Martin Rütter chauffeur: a Comedy Grand Prix winner Thorsten Bär

Ilka Bessin after his appearance in any case, tears in the eyes. Not from Laughing, but she’s stirred the sympathy of the audience and is just happy so much for Thorsten Baer, that you can first of all speak. To be happy for them and she has more opportunity, because the audience chooses Thorsten Bär, in the end, the winner of the Comedy Grand Prix. Earned.

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