the data on a Twitter Account by the name of “G0d” were Published. But who is the self-proclaimed “God”? In the network, he is no stranger.

first impression: Young, right, GEZ-critics

looking at his now locked Twitter Account, you can suspect behind a young, politically more to the right to verorte people that sees the funding of public service media through the broadcasting contribution critical in the Gamer scene is on the way, and feminism doesn’t like. Maybe he has something against driving bans for Diesel vehicles.

But all this is only a suspicion. Namely, that the selection of its victims allows conclusions to be drawn on his Person and his politics. So no politician can be found according to previous findings, only the AfD among the Victims of the hack – but a lot of critics of the party.

to be had in the Very beginning of it in “G0d” seem to have been on Youtuber, threatened, among other things, to publish private information and images of identification Cards of well-known German Youtube Stars.

bloggers had describes contact with “G0d”

So it is also a video blogger Tomasz Niemiec. He had by his own admission, still in the night to Friday contact with the Hacker. He said the news portal “”. On behalf of the YouTube Stars Simon Unge, he had access to the hijacked Account back. The Unge account with two million followers on the left were distributed on Thursday to the collected data.

Niemiec got in a non-public exchange answer of the Account and received the access finally. Niemiec said, “” he’s been watching the action for years. Among other things, the Youtuber Guude, it’s Dezztroyz had been victims. “It goes to him for attention.” The have confirmed the Hacker also and a conversation with Unge asked.

Niemiec: “do not Understand why the authorities report”

compared To the “süddeutsche Zeitung” said Niemiec, to help the authorities to find the Hacker, but so far, have reported no one with him. “To be honest, I don’t understand why you log in,” Niemiec compared to the SZ.

To the Hacker, he namely apparently for years contact. “I met him in 2015 or 2016. We have exchanged, especially on the Youtube scene. I have followed over the years, what has he done so. We’ve met, but never in person or on the phone. I don’t even know how old he is or what he looks like.“

he, Too, considers it possible that the Hacker has set it apart just happened to be on many AfD opponent. “As the saying goes: ‘relevant parties’, it is said that he should not be just to the left. And I think that is credible.“

“anyone Here want to show that politicians are vulnerable,”

Who the Hacker really is, the competent security authorities that were late to the Cyber-attack to the attention of, so far, no answer. According to his Twitter Account this has its origin in Hamburg – which can of course be a feint.

The data, the Hacker has stolen in several attacks. He must have attacked the computers of politicians, said the IT expert, Norbert Pohlmann. Compared to the “star” to this presumption: “Here, someone wants to show that politicians are vulnerable on your computer can be accessed.”

“There is still a lot worse”

And there remains the fear that, the Hacker leads to even more shields. As the “image”newspaper reported, there is evidence that in some of the published file folders before things were deleted – possibly incriminating materials for later, to hold back. “There is still a lot worse can come,” the newspaper quoted a Cyber-experts from the Ministry of defence.

Where some of the data are no longer quite dewy. The Manager of Moderator Jan böhmermann declared, you have not seen the publications on Thursday night. After a first evaluation of the management it is data that are out of date – some even very old. Böhm’s current address not find.

“This is what you get”

The data could come from a cyber attack. A such, there have been about half a year ago on a Mail account, böhm’s, said the Manager. You have reported at the time, also the authorities. Czech man is not the only prominent TV satirist, the “G0d” for its action has Peeps.

The victims are often politicians, and artists who have spoken out against the AfD. So, too, the Wuppertal-member of the German Bundestag, Helge Lindh. This I, according to the “world” after the announcement of the Hacks are multiple messages in the style of “you get out now”.

“at Least half of the data is fresh”

Underestimating you should not the Hacker. Niemiec holds “at least half of the data”, which were published, for fresh.

As the German press Agency learned that the Federal office for information security (BSI) currently, the data from the public areas of the Internet as Social media or websites, and partly from private “cloud data”.

The FOCUS of Online Digital Disaster: German Internet smears in comparison with other countries


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