I sat on my bed and looked at the house opposite – like so often. Over the gray facade of a gray sky hung. It was raining a bit and I was waiting to see in the Windows, on the other hand something Exciting. But it happened nothing. Just nothing.

Everything here was so slow and boring. Around me dirty pieces of clothing, the rays after holiday locations. But I couldn’t bring myself to clean it. I felt empty, listless and foreign in my own apartment. But since my journey I saw everything with different eyes. The best time of my life had taken from me the joy of my previous life.

I was almost passed addicted to the rush

The three months of my journey and have felt a but like an eternity. Suddenly, I was back at home. When I arrived home, I was so tired from the long flight that I left my backpack beside the door and gone directly to bed am. There I realized that nothing was like before. And not just because I would never return to my old life as a student, I had completed the master’s degree.

The first days home, I had to think hardly any time at all. I met my family and all the friends I had missed for weeks. All wanted me to tell very much in detail of my trip, and I found it to be great. Through the stories and the Show, in my infinite photos, I was able to let my experiences again and again. I was almost addicted to the rush, I Revel in the memories there were and could talk for hours about individual moments.

It came to me, as my life would have been incredibly boring

But eventually, everything was told. I had met all the friends and all had heard what they wanted to know. Most of all I have been talking only about the trip, but I’ve noticed that my friends wanted to tell me what had happened in the last few months. I had to force myself to show interest and listen. Again and again, my thoughts in the distance drifted to Australia or Thailand. I was annoyed right about myself.

But the problems of my friends at work, the annoying old neighbor, who had made a scandal – everything mundane seemed to me to be so. Even if I had mentioned a few weeks ago, Yes exactly the same issues. It seemed to me as if my former life, actually, always drab and incredibly boring, but it is only now that I would notice it.

Unstimulating and exhausting

It was so hard for me, to pull myself together – no matter what. Shopping, cooking, and even a Meeting with friends seemed to me now that the journey for them was no longer an issue, graceless. Something really Strenuous, or even Unpleasant in order to apply as a Job, finally, in the case of insurance due to a new tariff, to call or to order a winter jacket, seemed to me to be almost not feasible. As a result, I would have to admit that I would now stay here any longer. I’d rather put everything in front of me and stayed in bed. The ceiling over your head, dreaming of my past experiences.

During my journey I got used to it, to experience something New every day. Constantly something is happening Nice and it was always a lot of: From one Hostel to the next, new people, trips, walks on the beach, scuba diving, and in the evening, interesting conversations with people from all over the world. I was able to make during my trip every single day individually and spontaneously, and had no obligations. The abandon hurt insanely. And since I was able to dive through the programme of study completed at home in an old Routine, it made me that much harder.

I panicked

It seemed inconceivable to me that here at home so little had happened and, above all, nothing had changed. If it was in so many places and so many people has made, it is expected somehow that at home, everything is different.

As I’ve noticed, that here everything is as before my trip, I panicked. It seemed to me as if I was locked up. I have been surfing my evenings spent hours on the Internet and are looking for a way to travel as quickly as possible abroad. The main thing back on the road!

You do not know, it is gone forever

But I’ve realized that this can’t be the solution. My parents and some friends have noticed that I am unhappy and advised me to take my time to arrive again. And that’s what I did. It helps to put yourself in touch with your friends on the trip met and after their return a similar feelings. In addition, I have accepted a Übergangsjob as a waitress in order to develop a everyday routine. Even if it made no fun for me, it gave me structure. And I had urgently needed. By the way, I applied for other Jobs.

Even if it will still take a bit until I arrive back here, and I’m still in the mood, I would leave right away again, I realize that I’m getting happier and happier about it, to be here. I look forward to sitting in my favorite cafe, I know for years and can always see my friends. And of course it is also nice after the long time in the Hostel again, a little bit of privacy. But I’m already looking forward to the next travel adventure. Because that’s the beauty of it: You don’t know, it is gone forever.

About Post-Holiday Symptom

  • After a trip it can come to a Post-Holiday syndrome.
  • The syndrome is shown by decrease of well-being, as well as reduced productivity.
  • The longer the trip, the stronger the symptoms can be.
  • The more the Stress of everyday life at home includes, the harder it can fall, to again get used to the Routine.

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